Saturday, May 9, 2009


So i'm taking a break from the norm to give a quick review of a really juicy tomato.


It's a website promoting the most famous and infamous of sideshow performers. From the zealously tattooed to those born a bit different., it has everything. There's the always popular Elephant man (Joseph not John) the endearing Schlitzie the pinhead and my personal favorite Myrtle Corbin who possessed a parasitic twin which made her appear to have four legs.
Not only are you provided with information on these fascinating individuals but you're given a fair account of their lives.
It's interesting to see how they often become self- made, earning decent money from their work in the sideshow circuits and it's great to see how 'The Human Marvels' delves into this so tastefully.

Nope you wont see the word Freaks here, unless of course it's the movie.

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