Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mrs Fields and the Junco

So i was observing the feeders today and found that about 5 billion Mourning Doves come to my feeder daily, along with a few finches a squirrel and a rabbit, and in this picture and accompanying video you see a fraction of what I can get.

What's more fascinating is my latest project, discovering the identity of the Dark-eyed Junco, also revealed that they like Mrs Fields chocolate chip cookies. Granted this isnt what I usually feed the birds, but I had one on me and gave it a shot. I watched a lone bird grab a wad equivalent to a third of the cookie and bolt. It's comforting to see just how much like us they truly are.

As for the Cardinal, he was feeling a tad antisocial today. He never got closer than the ornamental fruit tree.

So to make up for it, heres a nice pair of shots of him in the snow from a few days ago

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